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PCA Conference News

“Practitioners, Students, and Counselors Educators representing diverse racioethnic identities: Thriving in our Profession”

Please consider contributing as a panel speaker (or suggesting a peer who could) to a PCA conference session hosted by the Pennsylvania Association of Multicultural Counseling and Development (PAMCD), with a focus on supports for professionals who represent myriad  racioethnic identities in our various fields. If interested, or if you have questions (or would like to suggest a panel speaker), please email:  Counselors from all work settings are welcomed!

“A Multidimensional Understanding of Gender Identity, Affectional Orientation, and Intersections with Other Identities”

PALGBTIC will be presenting its third annual Pre-Conference Institute. The Pre-Conference Institute will be held on November 9th from 1pm-4pm as a part of the 50th Annual PCA Conference. Expand your knowledge and gather tools to help identify different LGBT*+ identities and how to recognize bias, prejudice and discrimination that people in the community might encounter. Registration is currently available and can be accessed with the conference registration at PCA Conference Info.   



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