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PCA Seeks Awards Nominations

The Pennsylvania Counseling Association is Pleased to Invite Award Nominations

Deadline: 5:00 p.m. Friday, July 14, 2023 

This is the call for nominations to honor the hard work, commitment, and dedication of Pennsylvania counselors, students, and programs.  Please consider nominating a colleague, program, or graduate student for an award.  The award categories are listed below. Winners will be announced during the 2023 PCA Conference November 3-5, 2023, in Harrisburg, PA. Nominations are now being accepted!

Submissions of awards nominations will go through an online portal located here:  

  1. PCA Outstanding Practitioner Award -- Awarded to an outstanding professional counselor for service to the profession; nominees do NOT need to be PCA members.
  2. PCA Lifetime Achievement Award -- Awarded to a PCA member who is a State of Pennsylvania resident and who has demonstrated outstanding dedication, service, and/or achievement in professional counseling.
  3. PCA Outstanding Counselor Education Program Award -- Awarded to an outstanding professional counseling program in the State of Pennsylvania.
  4. PCA Outstanding Graduate Student Award -- Awarded to an individual who is currently a graduate student in professional counseling within the State of Pennsylvania and who shows excellent potential and professionalism; this individual shall be a PCA student member and shall have had some involvement with the association.
  5. PCA Outstanding Research/Publication Award -- Awarded to a PCA member who has contributed to the professional counseling profession through outstanding effort in the area of research and/or publication.
  6. PCA Outstanding Supervisor Award – Awarded to a PCA member who has demonstrated outstanding work as a supervisor in a university, community/mental health counseling, or school setting.
  7. PCA Outstanding Professional Teaching Award – Awarded to a PCA member to honor excellence in teaching in a counseling, counselor education, or counseling supervision program in the state of Pennsylvania.
  8.  David W. Hall Advocacy Award -- Awarded to an individual who has promoted the profession of counseling through advocacy to whom the many professional counselors in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are forever indebted.

Guidelines for Submitting a PCA Award Nomination

Nominations for PCA Awards should follow the guidelines below:

The process has two stages:

First, nominators should: Create one combined PDF file that includes the nomination letter AND the additional support letters. A letter of nomination that clearly states the award for which you are nominating the person (or program) and reasons why the individual (or program) is deserving of the award. Two additional letters (not more!) of support that clearly state the award for which the person (or program) is being nominated and reasons the individual (or program) is deserving of the award.

Second, complete the online form document. The link is here:

The form requires the nominator to input their contact information AND the nominee’s contact information and PCA membership number (if required in the award description).

The form also requires the nominator to upload their combined PDF file that contains their nomination and additional support letters.

  1. All PCA Award nominations are due by Friday, July 14, 2023, at 5:00 p.m. At that time the form will close.
  2. The Awards Committee will review and score all proposals. For objectivity, all names will be redacted for a blind review by the awards committee.
  3. Awards will be presented at the PCA conference held November 3-5, 2023, in Harrisburg, PA.
  4. Questions should be directed to Lisa Corbin Awards Committee Chair, at
  5. If no nominations are received within certain categories, those awards will not be awarded for that year. Incomplete nominations will not be considered.

Best regards,

Lisa Corbin
PCA Awards Committee Chair

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