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JPCA Seeks Applicants for Editorial Board Positions

The Journal of Pennsylvania Counseling Association (JPCA), our PCA supported journal, is seeking applicants for appointment to the JPCA Editorial Board as a reviewer. Requirements include:

1)    First or second author on two peer-reviewed articles published in a national, division, or state journal.
2)    Willing and able to complete manuscript reviews in a timely manner.

Reviewers typically review an average of two or three manuscripts per semester with a minimum of one manuscript per semester. The turnaround time for a review is one month.

If you are interested in applying to the JPCA Board, send your qualifications and CV to Please write “Editorial Board Application” in the subject line. Additionally, kindly state your areas of expertise in your application.

Thank you for considering service for The Journal of Pennsylvania Counseling Association. If you have questions about being a reviewer, please contact us at


Terence Yee
JPCA Editor

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