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Pennsylvania Association of Specialists in Group Work (PASGW)


The Pennsylvania Association of Specialists in Group Work (PASGW) is a division of the Pennsylvania Counseling Association (PCA) for professional counselors with an interest in issues related to the group counseling modality.

The Purpose of PASGW is:

  • To promote the purpose of the American Counseling Association (ACA) and PCA
  • To facilitate the growth and development of individuals and groups.
  • To promote and adhere to the best practices in group work.
  •  To empower members in practicing ethical and competent group work
  •  To follow the principles of multiculturalism, social justice, and global perspectives in all group work.

PASGW Member Benefits:

  • Regional Workshops
  • Newsletters
  • Networking
  • Information on best practices in group work

Other Information:

  • Those interested in contributing to the organization, please contact Matt Nice,, current PASGW Chair

To Join PASGW:

  • Membership in PASGW does require that you are a member of PCA. Please remember that PCA membership affords many valuable opportunities.
  • Contact for an application.
  • PASGW annual membership dues are $10 for professionals and $5 for students and retirees


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