Past Presidents

The following individuals have volunteered their leadership and service as PCA President.


Past-Presidents of *PPGA (1968-1982) and *PCA (1982-present)

1968-John E. Free

1969-Dr. George Hudson

1970-Dr. James Hershberger

1971-Dr. Alan T. Quay

1972-Frank D. Greco

1973-Dr. Michael A. Ciavarella

1974-Dr. Edward S. Smith

1975-Thomas N. McCarthy

1976-Lawrence Gorrell

1977-Ken Child

1978-Joe Maola

1979-Dr. Ronald S. Kaiser

1980-Dr. Pete Palmo

1981-Dr. Robert Wilson

1982-John Wilgeroth*

1983-Dr. Mozelle McKay

1984-Tom Mellon

1985-Thomas J. Calabrese

1986-Rose Wunder

1987-Dr. Ed Beck

1988-Stephen London

1989-Gerri Weiss

1990-Nadine J. Snyder

1991-Bruce Barner

1992-Douglas Weirich

1993-Dr. Edward Linder

1994-Dr. Gordon Spice

1995-Dr. James Nutter

1996-Dr. LeeAnn Eschbach

1997-Dr. Patricia Graham

1998-Carl Back

1999-Minna Davis

2000-Dr. Ford Brooks

2001-Mark Kenney

2002-Dr. Francene Haymon

2003-Dr. Brad Janey

2004-Dr. Shon Smith

2005-Dr. Connie Matthews

2006-Joan Kaylor

2007-Dr. Paul West

2008-Dr. Don Strano

2009- Dr. Holly Branthoover

2010- Dr. Taunya Marie Tinsley

2011- Dr. Jen Barna

2012- Dr. Becky Willow

2013- Dr. Brian Wlazelek

2014- Dr. Michelle Bruno

2015- Dr. Paul Datti

2016 - Dr. Charles Jacob