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Call for Papers and Associate Editor: Journal of the PCA

Call for Papers: Journal of the Pennsylvania Counseling Association


The Journal of the Pennsylvania Counseling Association (JPCA) is a professional, refereed journal dedicated to the study and development of the counseling profession. The Editor invites scholarly articles based on existing literature that address the interest, theory, research, and innovative programs and practices of professional counselors. All submissions are blind peer-reviewed and authors should expect a decision regarding a manuscript within two months of acknowledgment of receipt. To review the Guidelines for Authors, please go to the PCA webpage:


Manuscripts may be submitted via email to Dr. Terence Yee, JPCA Editor, at


                                                         Call for Associate Editor

The Journal of Pennsylvania Counseling Association (JPCA), our PCA supported journal, is seeking applicants for appointment to the JPCA Editorial Board as an Associate EditorThis position reports to the Editor and serves as the head of the Editorial Review Board. The Associate Editor ensures that new articles that are submitted to JPCA are reviewed and responded to in a timely manner. This position is responsible for final edits to accepted articles to prepare them for publication and ensures that all published articles adhere to both JPCA and APA formatting standards.


Requirements include:

1)    First or second author on two peer-reviewed articles published in a national or division level journal.

2)    Strong command of the English language and APA formatting.

3)    Knowledgeable in quantitative/qualitative research methodology. 


If you are interested in applying to the JPCA Board, send your qualifications and CV to Please write “Associate Editor Application” in the subject line. 


Thank you for considering service for The Journal of Pennsylvania Counseling Association. If you have questions about being a reviewer, please contact us at




Terence Yee

Editor, JPCA



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