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Learning more about the COVID-19 virus (coronavirus) and what that means in terms of how we practice counseling

Dear PCA Member,

As we continue to learn more about the COVID-19 virus (coronavirus) and what that means in terms of how we practice counseling, we wanted to try and give some answers to the many questions we have been receiving about Telehealth regarding LPCs.

PCA is and has been working hard for the last year to advocate on behalf of LPCs and the clients we serve regarding Telehealth coverage and reimbursement. 

Like many legislative changes, this is a slow process but one that is well worth the effort. But rest assured, PCA has the stamina and determination and will always continue with our legislative advocacy efforts in Harrisburg.

In the meantime, we encourage all LPCs who are not being reimbursed for Telehealth services, especially in the wake of the COVID- 19 pandemic, to consider the following advocacy action steps:

  1. Contact your local and state legislative representatives and let them know what is happening. They
         are there to represent their constituents.  Encourage your clients to call too.
         To find your state and local legislators visit:
  2. Contact your insurance provider representative and ask what the protocol is for a crisis such as a
    pandemic.  Does that change anything in your contract for Telehealth coverage?
  3. 3. Contact your Liability Insurance Carrier. Many have staff attorneys that offer legal advice to
         clinicians for this type of issue.

In addition, listed below are links to resources and information about the COVID-19 virus (coronavirus):

We need more LPCs to join our ranks of members so that we can continue fighting to have our voices heard at the legislative table. There is always strength in numbers.

Please be safe and take care.




Nellie Scanlon, M.Ed., NCC, LPC, ACS
PCA President 2019-2020


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