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PCA Issues a Statement

The Pennsylvania Counseling Association (PCA) supports and affirms the American Counseling Association’s statement regarding the attack on our nation’s capital by those who committed acts of domestic terrorism. We oppose violence and destructive rhetoric in all of its forms. Counselors, at the core of our profession, are called to be advocates and healers. We act in ways that support wellness, and we understand the power of human relationships to facilitate change. The attacks that took place on January 6th, and all prior actions that fomented the acts of that day, are diametrically opposed to who we are as counselors. We condemn all acts of cruelty, intolerance, violence, terrorism, and sedition. We must work together to promote healing and safety for ourselves, one another, and all those we serve.


Stephen Kuniak

Stephen F. Kuniak  PhD LPC NCC ACS
PCA President 2020-2021

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